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Jiulu Co., Ltd. independently developed JR-IHS series industrial heavy-duty stacker is adapted to the space handling of heavy-duty cargo covering a height range of 30M, from heavy load (3T) to extremely heavy load (12T) and between the two can be applied, designed for extreme heavy-duty use
Single-track double column stackerIs one of the main components of the automated three-dimensional warehouse, different from the single column stacker, the frame structure is composed of 2 columns, upper beam and lower beam composed of a rectangular frame, the structural stiffness is better, the
Intelligent heavy-duty AGV stacker is a storage device with high technical content and degree of intelligence.
Pallet four-way shuttle is a kind of intelligent equipment for pallet cargo handling, both can achieve longitudinal walking and horizontal walking, through the track can reach any position in the warehouse, the horizontal movement and lateral movement of goods in the shelf by a pallet four-way
Piggyback transport AGV Double rudder wheel full servo drive, load up to 3T, jacking height 80-100mm, support forward and backward, left and right lateral. With the self-developed JL-WCS7.0 scheduling system, customers can provide customers with heavy material transportation such as material
The WMS system integrates intelligent logistics equipment in the warehouse and becomes the brain that directs and coordinates logistics equipment. Jiulu Intelligent WMS Warehouse Management System, full name WareHouse Management System, is an important part of the ERP of enterprise resource
Pallet type two-way shuttle is a fully automated warehousing and handling equipment for the unit pallet materials independently developed by our company to send the unit pallet materials from the inbound end to the shipping end according to the production process, with a predetermined pallet
The docking AGV is a two-drive docking AGV, which can pull at least 1000KG of excess cargo, and can advance, retreat, accelerate, decelerate, turn, automatic stop and other two-way driving functions. AGV sheet metal body is sprayed with a beautiful appearance, a strong surface and corrosion
The omnidirectional conveyor AGV seamlessly interfaces with the customer's MES system, enabling fully automatic reciprocating movement from the high-bay warehouse to the sorting area, replacing manual handling. Applicable scenarios: Suitable for warehousing applications in various industries such
Monorail single column stacker is one of the main components of automated three-dimensional warehouses, dedicated to high-bay warehouses. The frame structure is a rectangular frame composed of 1 column, upper beam and lower beam, the structural stiffness is worse than that of the double column
1. Task execution and scheduling The port listening mechanism is used to obtain the task packets issued by the WMS of the warehouse management system in real time, and parse and generate the device layer instructions, select the execution role according to the task content, and then send them
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The company has always maintained a high level of investment in new products and new technologies, and has applied for more than 120 patents, 33 invention patents, 73 utility models, 9 designs and 7 soft works so far. A total of 98 patents have been authorized, and 7 soft books have been granted.