Project Flow
On-site research
Prior to the project, learn about the site
Communication planning
Understand customer needs and provide rationalization construction advice based on the results of prior inspection
The design of the scheme
Make the intelligent construction plan of warehouse
Simulation simulation
Build a 3D model to visualize the overall performance of the project
For customers to create durable, reliable machinery and equipment
After-sales service
Provide 7 x 24 line customer service, at any time to ensure the normal operation of equipment
Research and diagnosis
The pre-cooperation will make practical inspection to the site, effectively understand the construction site, targeted design decision-making ideas and models, and obtain the information and data needed for the design model and analyze and output research reports, to provide a better data base for planning and design.
Consulting planning
On the basis of the pre-site research, according to customer needs, develop a reasonable design plan (technical) outline, and put forward comments and suggestions for the next step of the program design to lay a good foundation.
The design of the scheme
According to the preliminary investigation and consultation situation, strictly in accordance with the advanced technology, functional practicality, performance reliability, ease of operation, equipment scalability principles for design, to complete the overall process layout design to meet the requirements of the project.
System simulation
In the pre-production stage, we will carry out simulation modeling, simulate all kinds of complex environment and situation, analyze a wide range of practical problems in detail and realistically, and can use the form of animation to the logistics situation, warehouse line operation, as well as the comprehensive performance of the project intuitively displayed, at a glance.
With more than 32,000 square meters of production workshop, 8 large work areas, the use of strict quality control, adhering to the focus on professional manufacturing concepts, as small as every screw chain, all factory products need to pass three layers of inspection standards, to ensure that customers to create durable, reliable machinery and equipment.
After-sales service
We provide you with a full range of toll-free hotline, e-mail, remote troubleshooting, tracking return visit services, dedicated to the safety of your production property escort.