Intelligent heavy-duty AGV stacker is a storage device with high technical content and degree of intelligence.
Piggyback transport AGV Double rudder wheel full servo drive, load up to 3T, jacking height 80-100mm, support forward and backward, left and right lateral. With the self-developed JL-WCS7.0 scheduling system, customers can provide customers with heavy material transportation such as material
The docking AGV is a two-drive docking AGV, which can pull at least 1000KG of excess cargo, and can advance, retreat, accelerate, decelerate, turn, automatic stop and other two-way driving functions. AGV sheet metal body is sprayed with a beautiful appearance, a strong surface and corrosion
The omnidirectional conveyor AGV seamlessly interfaces with the customer's MES system, enabling fully automatic reciprocating movement from the high-bay warehouse to the sorting area, replacing manual handling. Applicable scenarios: Suitable for warehousing applications in various industries such